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Apostle Joshua Selman: Biography, Net worth, Age, Cars, Books

There are Nigerians who, for one reason or another, have attracted public attention. Apostle Joshua Selman’s career as a minister, both in Nigeria and overseas, is what has attracted people’s attention to him.

Apostle Joshua Selman: Biography, Net worth, Age, Cars, Books

Although there is a lot that curious minds will like to know about him, this article only covers his biography, career, house, cars and net worth.

Profile Summary

Full Name Joshua Selman Nimmak
Date of birth June 25, 1980
Age42 years old
place of birth Jos, Plateau State
State of origin Langtang in Jos, Plateau State, the northern part of Nigeria.
Tribe Tarok by tribe.
Nationality Nigerian
parents Mr & Mrs Selman
Occupation Preacher, Televangelist, Author, Singer and Life Coach
Education Studied Chemical Engineering at the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Kaduna State
Ministry In 2011, he founded Eternity Network International (ENI) in Zaria, Kaduna
Relationship Status Engaged to Sandra Chinelo Areh
Net Worth $450,000

Apostle Joshua Selman’s Biography

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak was born on June 25, 1980. He is a native of Plateau State, Jos, in northern Nigeria. He enjoyed reading the Bible as a child and always chose to do so over playing outside with his friends.

Apostle Joshua Selman: Biography, Net worth, Age, Cars, Books

What tribe is Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman was born on June 25, 1980 in northern Nigeria. His tribe is Tarok.

What school did Apostle Joshua Selman attend?

Apostle Joshua Selman pursued a degree in Chemical Engineering at the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Kaduna State. After completing his studies at the university, he was called into ministry as a man of God.


Apostle Joshua Selman Career

He spent a significant deal of his university years preaching and ministering with/to campus friends, even though his calling didn’t become clear until after he had graduated.

He struggled with his role as a campus minister during this time, which inspired him to change lives using the anointed mantle that God had given him.

After graduation, his ministry career took off. He accepted a position as pastor at Christ Gospel Church in Samaturu-Zaria, Kaduna State, after graduating. He advanced to the position of senior pastor at the church and became a minister to further his ministry.

Apostle Joshua Selman: Biography, Net worth, Age, Cars, Books

In 2011, he founded Eternity Network International (ENI) in Zaria, Kaduna. Through this ministry, he organised a weekly program called Koinonia, which means Christian fellowship or communion. Koinonia is held every Friday at GGC, New Extension, Samaturu, Zaria and in Abuja.

During these times as a man of God, he has written several spiritual books such as:

A Discussion on Kingdom Truths
A Night of Prevailing Prayers
A Night of Supernatural Visitation
A Witness to the Truth
Above the Storms
Accessing the Deep Things of God
Activating Breakthroughs (The Ministry of Destiny Helpers)
Admonitions Altars and Foundations

Is Joshua Selman Married?

Although Joshua Selman is not yet married, reports claim that he has a fiancee.

Apostle Joshua Selman Messages

We have latest Messages by Joshua Selman here on Gospel Celebrities.

Apostle Joshua Selman Cars

Apostle Joshua Selman, a man of God, travels frequently to share the good news of Jesus, and he has a fleet of vehicles that follow him wherever he goes. Although there are extensive displays of these cars, there are only sporadic photos of him in them or exiting them because he doesn’t like to flaunt his money or luxury.

Some of the cars the man of God has been spotted in include:

Apostle Joshua Selman White Mercedes Benz GLK350
apostle Joshua Selman Mercedes Benz ml350 4matic
Apostle Joshua Selman Cadillac Escalade

Apostle Joshua Selman Biography

Apostle Joshua Selman’s House

It is only natural for him to have a home in Zaria or Abuja because these cities are where his ministry is primarily located. Although there is a conviction that the man of God has a home, there hasn’t been any confirmation of this since he doesn’t want to flaunt his money or let the public know about it.

Apostle Joshua Selman’s Net Worth

Apostle Selman has acquired a reasonable amount of wealth, which includes assets, money and several means of income. Although he chooses to lead a modest lifestyle, he is worth over $450,000.

Apostle Joshua Selman messages

One of the most renowned and well-known men of God in Nigeria is Apostle Joshua Selman. And when looking at the history of his ministry, that is a glaring reason why so many people hold him in such high esteem. Here are some frequently ask questions about him

Does Apostle Joshua Selman have a church of his own?
In March 2011 in Zaria, Apostle Joshua Selman, at 30 years old, established the Eternity Network International (ENI), his church. The current headquarters of his ministry are in Abuja, Nigeria.

Apostle Joshua Selman: Biography, Net worth, Age, Cars, Books

Is Apostle Joshua Selman a Professor?

The way apostle Joshua Selman speaks astounds a great number of people or KOINONIA attendees. Many people ask him if he is a professor because of how effectively he speaks. We all know that a man can perform exceptional deeds when the spirit of God is upon him. The apostle experienced the same thing.

Joshua Selman is a Nigerian gospel minister, musician, chemical engineer, conference speaker, and televangelist, according to what we’ve learnt so far. Also, he oversees the School of Ministry Bible Institute.

How did Apostle Joshua Selman discover his purpose?

Which Bible school did Joshua Selman attend?
Apostle Selman has frequently disclosed to his listeners that he is a result of numerous experiences. He began instructing himself in spiritual matters while he was still in school, and that Bible school is among the best one can attend.

Here, you’ll study the practical methods of God, not only His works.

Is Koinonia a church?

Yes! Koinonia is a church. They have two branches, one in Abuja (headquarter) and another in Zaria.

Where is pastor Joshua Selman church located in Abuja?

ADDRESS: Koinonia Abuja is located in Chida Event Center, Plot 224 Solomon Lar Way, Utoko District Abuja.

How do I contact Koinonia?

Koinonia House, 51, Lagos Road, Ikorodu, Lagos, [email protected]

Where is Apostle Joshua Selman from?

Apostle Joshua Selman hails from Langtang in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. He was, however, raised in Zaria, Kaduna State.

Social Media

To stay connected with Apostle Selman and Eternity Network International, follow this great ministry on their social media handles below:

Facebook- Koinonia (Eternity Network International)

Twitter- @koinoniaeni

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