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Bebe Winans wife, Debra Denise Winans: Biography, Age, Divorce, Children


Bebe Winans is a renowned gospel singer and producer. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, on September 17, 1962. When people talk about the renowned and award-winning gospel singer and producer BeBe Winans, it is hard not to talk about his ex-wife Debra Denise Winans, especially after their divorce. Let’s discuss more about his ex-wife in this article.

Who Is Debra Denise Winans?

Debra Denise Winans rose to fame after marrying renowned gospel singer BeBe Winans. She gained additional public exposure after making headlines in the mainstream for her divorce from the gospel musician, allegedly due to domestic abuse. While she is still known as BeBe Winans’ ex-wife, she has built a reputation for herself as the author of the book Life Altered, Not Lost.

Debra was born into a Christian family committed to ministry. During her Lexi Show interview, she disclosed that she has five brothers and one sister. Her sister passed away in 2005. Her brothers, like her parents, are also pastors in the ministry.

Debra Denis Winans’ and Bebe Winans Marriage

Debra met BeBe Winans in Atlanta through mutual friends. She was 23 years old at the time. They dated for a while, largely over long distances. They became engaged and eventually married in 1987.

Debra Denis Winans’ marriage was filled with difficulties. She claimed that because they married when BeBe Winans’ career was just getting started, she had to deal with her husband’s absence. She added that she felt like she was sharing her husband with the rest of the world at one point, but her husband, BeBe Winans, seemed to be more focused on his work.

Debra Denis Winans Children

During their marriage, the Winans did not have kids until nine years later when they had their first baby girl, Miya Destiny Winans. They had their second child, Benjamin David Winans three years later.

Debra Denis Winans Divorce

Debra Denise Winans divorced her ex-husband, BeBe Winans, in 2003, claiming physical and verbal domestic abuse. As she claimed in one of her interviews, the breakup of their marriage was also caused by her fears.

She made headlines once more in 2009 when a judge dropped her domestic assault allegations against ex-husband BeBe Winans. It was at this time that she finished the book she was writing.

Education, Experience, and Career

Dr. Debra D. Winan is a well-known motivational speaker and educator who travels to universities and conferences across the United States.

At Middle Tennessee State University, she earned a Bachelor of Science in (ORCO) Organization and Communications with a minor in Women and Gender Studies.

She is also an honorary doctor of philosophy at Trinity International University of Ambassadors College.

She is also the CEO of Linking Solutions, a Marketplace Network organization that assists businesses in optimizing processes and realigning them with the original vision and goals of the organization in order to boost output and profitability.

Her Net Worth

If you are wondering what her net worth is, well, she has not published any information about that on any trusted sources.


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