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Best and Cheapest VTU API Platform In Nigeria for Buying Data Bundles, VTU Airtime Top-Up, Cable Subscription, Electricity


In a world rapidly advancing in digital connectivity, the Nigerian market has witnessed a significant surge in the use of Virtual Top Up (VTU) services. These services have become the backbone of mobile transactions, enabling users to recharge airtime, data, and pay bills conveniently from their devices. However, in a landscape filled with numerous VTU API options, finding a cost-effective yet efficient solution has remained a challenge—until now.

Introducing Paywizzard, the revolutionary VTU API poised to redefine affordability and reliability in Nigeria’s digital transaction space. Paywizzard stands out as the go-to platform, offering unparalleled cost efficiency without compromising on quality service delivery.

The Paywizzard Advantage

1. Unbeatable Affordability

One of the primary reasons that set Paywizzard apart is its unbeatable pricing structure. Designed with the end-users in mind, Paywizzard boasts remarkably low transaction fees compared to its counterparts in the market. This affordability ensures that businesses and individuals alike can enjoy seamless VTU services without incurring hefty charges, ultimately resulting in significant cost savings.

2. Extensive Network Coverage

Paywizzard’s expansive network coverage spans across major mobile network operators in Nigeria. Whether it’s MTN, Glo, Airtel, or 9Mobile, users can conduct transactions effortlessly without limitations, ensuring widespread accessibility for customers throughout the country.

3. User-Friendly Interface and Integration

The user-friendly interface of Paywizzard makes it remarkably easy to integrate into existing platforms or systems. With robust API documentation and developer-friendly tools, businesses can swiftly integrate Paywizzard’s services, enabling smooth transactions for their customers.

4. Reliability and Speed

Reliability is paramount in digital transactions, and Paywizzard delivers on this front impeccably. Its infrastructure ensures high-speed transactions, minimizing delays and downtimes, thus providing a seamless experience for both businesses and end-users.

5. Diverse Transaction Options

Beyond airtime and data top-ups, Paywizzard extends its services to cover a wide array of transactions. Users can seamlessly pay bills, purchase internet subscriptions, and perform other financial transactions—all through a single, unified platform.

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Why Choose Paywizzard?

In a competitive market where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are key, Paywizzard emerges as the ultimate choice for businesses and individuals seeking a reliable and affordable VTU API solution in Nigeria. Here’s why Paywizzard stands out:

  • Cost Efficiency: Unbeatable pricing ensures substantial cost savings for businesses and end-users.
  • Reliability: High-speed transactions and a robust infrastructure guarantee reliability and consistent service delivery.
  • Accessibility: Extensive network coverage ensures accessibility across major mobile networks in Nigeria.
  • User-Friendly Integration: Easy integration into existing systems or platforms, facilitating seamless transactions.
  • Diverse Transactions: Beyond airtime and data, Paywizzard offers a wide range of transaction options, catering to various needs.

API PRICE LIST (Update 21-02-24)


₦ 128500MB500
₦ 2551GB1000
₦ 5102GB2000
₦ 7653GB3000
₦ 1,2755GB5000
₦ 2,55010GB10000

MTN CG DATA BUNDLE (id: gifting)

₦ 130500MB500
₦ 2551GB1000
₦ 5102GB2000
₦ 7653GB3000
₦ 1,2755GB5000
₦ 2,55010GB10000

MTN CG LITE DATA BUNDLE (id: mtncg_lite)

₦ 113500MB500
₦ 2251GB1000
₦ 4502GB2000
₦ 6753GB3000
₦ 1,1255GB5000
₦ 2,25010GB10000

MTN DIRECT COUPON DATA BUNDLE (id: mtndirect_coupon)

₦ 100000500MB10
₦ 14000000750MB20
₦ 2601GB30
₦ 32,800,0001.5GB40
₦ 43,000,0002GB50
₦ 7053GB60


₦ 3751.8GB301
₦ 7503.9GB302
₦ 1,1257.5GB303
₦ 1,5009.2GB304
₦ 1,87510.8GB305
₦ 2,25014GB306
₦ 3,00018GB307
₦ 3,75024GB308
₦ 6,00029.5GB309
₦ 7,50050GB310
₦ 11,25093GB311

GLO CG DATA BUNDLE (id: glo_cg)

₦ 50200MB30
₦ 110500MB31
₦ 2201GB32
₦ 4402GB33
₦ 6603GB34
₦ 1,1005GB35
₦ 2,20010GB36


₦ 425750MB501
₦ 8501.5GB502
₦ 1,0202GB503
₦ 1,2753GB504
₦ 1,7004.5GB505
₦ 2,1256GB506
₦ 2,55010GB507
₦ 3,40011GB508
₦ 4,25015GB509
₦ 8,50040GB510
₦ 12,75075GB511


₦ 25100MB601
₦ 75300MB602
₦ 103500MB603
₦ 2051GB604
₦ 4102GB605
₦ 1,0255GB606
₦ 2,05010GB607
₦ 3,07515GB608
₦ 4,10020GB609


₦ 200500MB401
₦ 4501.5GB402
₦ 6002GB403
₦ 7503GB404
₦ 9004.5GB405
₦ 2,00011GB406
₦ 2,80015GB407
₦ 7,00040GB408
₦ 13,00075GB409

9MOBILE SME_CG DATA (id: 9mobile_sme_cg)

₦ 30100MB420
₦ 40250MB421
₦ 75500MB422
₦ 90650MB423
₦ 1451GB424
₦ 2181.5GB425
₦ 2902GB426
₦ 4353GB427
₦ 6534.5GB428
₦ 7255GB429
₦ 1,45010GB430
₦ 1,59511GB431
₦ 2,17515GB432
₦ 2,90020GB433
₦ 3,62525GB434
₦ 4,35030GB435
₦ 5,80040GB436
₦ 7,25050GB437
₦ 10,87575GB438
₦ 14,500100GB439

MTN COUPON DATA (id: mtn-coupon)

₦ 2851.5GB3



GOTV PACKAGES (id: gotv)

Gotv Max601
Gotv Jinja602
Gotv Jolli603
Gotv Smallie604

DSTV PACKAGES (id: dstv)

Dstv Yanga801
Dstv Confam802
Dstv Padi Extra803
Dstv Yanga Extra804
Dstv Asia805
Dstv Confam Extra806
Dstv Compact807
Dstv Compact Plus808
Dstv Premium809
Dstv Premium Asia810

STARTIMES PACKAGES (id: startimes)

Nova Weekly701
Nova Monthly702
Basic Weekly703
Basic Monthly704
Smart Weekly705
Smart Monthly706
Classic Weekly707
Classic Monthly708
Super Weekly709
Super Monthly710




₦ 3,3001 WAEC PINwaec
₦ 7301 NECO PINneco
₦ 7801 NABTEB PINnabteb



As Nigeria’s digital landscape continues to evolve, the need for affordable and efficient VTU services becomes increasingly crucial. Paywizzard steps in as a game-changer, providing unparalleled affordability, reliability, and convenience in virtual top-up transactions.

Businesses looking to streamline their VTU operations or individuals seeking a cost-effective solution for their mobile transactions need look no further than Paywizzard. With its competitive pricing, extensive network coverage, and user-friendly interface, Paywizzard shines as the beacon of affordable and reliable VTU API services in Nigeria.

Pastor Emmanuel Aaron Biography, Music Career, Age, Songs, Ministry


Pastor Emmanuel is a spirit-filled worship leader, a multi-dimensional musician whose songs have and are still a blessing to the lives of soo many who have come across them either as audio or during his live ministrations.

Background and Early Life

Emmanuel Aaron is an indigen of Enugu State, Nigeria. He was born and brought up in Kaduna State, on the 8th of July. Emmanuel is the second child of among four children born to his parents, Rev and Mrs Kingsley Aaron Edeh. His Dad served as a Pastor under Assemblies of God church, Nigeria.

Biography of Emmanuel Aaron

Emmanuel Aaron is a Pastor, gospel musician, songwriter, and as well, a multi-talented musical producer. As at the early age of 4, He had found his passion and connection for music. He attributed this to the fact that his dad was a reverend and they stayed in the church premises, where he got close to listening to sounds most especially from the piano which shaped his passion and drive for music.

However, as at the time, He never thought he was ever going to do music professionally.

How He started

Emmanuel Aaron

Emmanuel Aaron started his music journey by learning to play the drums while he was in Junior high school, and then picked up interest in playing the keyboard still while in his junior high school.

Emmanuel Aaron

During his high school days, he had received accolades and recognition from students in his school because he had a calm and angelic voice. Another remarkable thing about him was that while in high school, he discovered his leadership gift.

He just knew that he could lead others, this was one of the reasons that he became the leader of a singing group which rendered special songs during the F.C.S fellowship in school.

When Emmanuel Aaron was done with high school in 2011, he decided to be more intentional about improving his vocals, keyboard play and arrangement. That was were he met with a young man by name Caleb David, in a program; whom later exposed him further into the musical world.

Emmanuel Aaron said he could vividly recall the countless night vigils and time spent in the house of Caleb David just to watch and learn. And that has greatly ignited the passion and love for music. Not just only music, Emmanuel Aaron then realized he wanted to use his gifts for God and he wanted to be a gospel musician.

On the 22nd of March, 2013, at college, as a fresher, Emmanuel Aaron held his first worship meeting. This led to the desire of communicating God’s unending love through his sound in his tertiary school days.

Pastor Emmanuel Aaron

After leaving college, He became a serving leader in Sons of Life Family, which started as a fellowship at the time in school. After years of service in Sons of Life Family, he was ordained a pastor in 2016.


Emmanuel Aaron is a worship leader, recording, and performing artist at the Life In Love People ministry. Pastor Emmanuel Aaron was once the musical Pastor of Sons of Life Family Church, Mando, Kaduna. After serving for some years as the musical Director in Sons of Life, he left to start up his own ministry, Life In Love People.

Emmanuel Aaron is known to have an electrifying stage performance. Each time he sings, you could literally feel the overwhelming presence of God, adding to the fact that he is gifted with a blessed voice.

Albums and Songs

New Day• Masoyina (Download here)
• Alpha Omega
• Light
• Blessing
• I Di Mma
• Yeye
Hope• Interludes
• Manger
• Be still ft Rekah Dabor
• Turn up ft Faith Anthony
• I go follow ft Wilson
• Everything fails
• Process

Artists He has worked with

Wilson, Rekah Dabor and Faith Anthony

Producers He has worked with

Apro, Kopji and Izy Best (certified immortal)

Social Media Handles

You should follow him on all his social media platforms to stay connected to him.

FacebookEmmanuel Aaron
Instagram realemmanuelaaron
YouTubeEmmanuel Aaron

Download MP3: Masoyina (My Love) by Emmanuel Aaron


Here is a sensational, heart felt worship by Emmanuel Aaron of the greatness and love of God to us. Rendered in Hausa, it’s a song that speaks of the unconditional love of the father towards his children.

Emmanuel Aaron is a Pastor, gospel musician, songwriter, and as well, a multi-talented musical producer. Enjoy this powerful song and be blessed.

Click the link to download this awesome song below.


Kabash by Godfrey Gad Ft Moses Bliss (Mp3 Download + Lyrics)


The fastest rising gospel musician Godfrey Gad along side, The man of the moment Moses Bliss, teamed up to release this song titled “Kabash“.

KABASH incase you don’t know; it is a Hebrew word which means (TAKEOVER, Subdue, Dominate).

Download Mp3 Here

Kabash by Godfrey Gad & Moses Bliss Lyrics

Kabash Kabash
It’s Young boy Godfrey G to the AD
Moses Bliss

For people wey dey do juju eh
God pass them
Talk say we no go make am eh
God pass the them
Them go know say power pass power
God pass them
Oluwa power no be man power

We go dey
Kabash (Kabash)
Kabash (Kabash)
Kabash (Kabash)

We are taking over
We dey
Kabash (Kabash)
Mama papa come and see o

Kabash (Kabash)
Kabash (Kabash)
Kabash (Kabash)
We are taking over
We dey
Kabash (Kabash)
Sister brother come and see

[Verse 1]
We dey rise o
(We dey rise o)
Never to fall down
We are taking over
We dey rise o
(No be lie o)
We are the sons of God
Now we know who we are
From the east to the west
North to the south
Message of Jesus go dey our mouth
Who be that wey dey talk something
When papa God never talk am

No weapon fashioned against me wey go prosper, Amen
Surely na goodness and mercy everyday dey follow me, Amen
I dey waka dey Kabash
Anything wey I do I dey Kabash
Even demons dey fear me when I rababababah
Them go scatter in Jesus Name

We go dey
Kabash (Kabash)
Kabash (Kabash)
Kabash (Kabash)

We are taking over
We dey
Kabash (Kabash)
Mama papa come and see o

Kabash (Kabash)
Kabash (Kabash)
Kabash (Kabash)
We are taking over
We dey
Kabash (Kabash)
Sister brother come and see

[Verse 2]
See us dey rise o
Never to fall down
We no fear any man we dey fear only God oh
Fear only God oh
If He did it before He can do it again o
Do it again o
Do it again o
My story don change o
I dey speak in tongues oh yay
No need to work out
God is working for my good o
No need to suffer cause Your blessings sure for me o
I just dey count my blessings
Name them one by one o
And if You look around
You see what God has done o

[Verse 3]
Poverty go away
When You Kabash
Depression go go
When You Kabash
You market go sell, promotion go come
Plenty money go come when You Kabash
You see that breakthrough You dey wait for e go come when You Kabash
You see that school eh
Graduation go sure when You Kabash

No weapon fashion against wey go prosper (Amen)
Surely na goodness and mercy everyday dey follow You (Amen)
Make you waka dey Kabash
Anything wey I do I dey Kabash
Even demons go fear you when you rababababah
Them go scatter in Jesus Name

For people wey dey do juju eh
God pass them
Talk say we no go make am eh
God pass the them
Them go know say power pass power
God pass them
Oluwa power no be man power

We go dey
Kabash (Kabash)
Kabash (Kabash)
Kabash (Kabash)

We are taking over
We dey
Kabash (Kabash)
Mama papa come and see o

Kabash (Kabash)
Kabash (Kabash)
Kabash (Kabash)
We are taking over
We dey
Kabash (Kabash)
Sister brother come and see

We are taking over
We dey
Kabash (Kabash)
Mama papa come and see o

Kabash (Kabash)
Kabash (Kabash)
Kabash (Kabash)
We are taking over
We dey
Kabash (Kabash)
Sister brother come and see

If You get dreams no continue to dey sleep o
Life’s too short to be sitting on a long thing
Give me Your ears omoh make I tell You something
To take over You must Kabash.

List of All Signed EeZee Conceptz Artists, Members & Management


EeZee Conceptz Limited stands as a duly registered organization under the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our overarching goal is to connect with and inspire our generation, leading individuals to embrace Christianity through the medium of music. We are dedicated to establishing a constructive platform for exceptionally talented gospel musicians, enriching the hearts of people with spiritually uplifting lyrics and performances.

In doing so, our aim is to foster a positive impact on our generation, actively discouraging societal vices and violence. Our primary focus is on the youth of society, recognizing that their strength lies in the vigor inherent in them during this present era. We are committed to harnessing this potential by imparting positive influences through the dissemination of God’s Word and the manifestation of His power.

List of All Signed EeZee Conceptz Artists

  • Mercy Chinwo
  • Judikay
  • Minister GUC
  • Chidinma Ekile
  • Esther Oji
  • Great Daniel
  • Chris Morgan
  • Toby Godwin
  • Favour Israel Adedamola

1. Mercy Chinwo

In 2017, Mercy Chinwo joined the Gospel Music Label EeZee Conceptz, marking a significant turning point in her career. Her breakthrough moment occurred in 2018 with the release of the song “Excess Love,” which quickly gained widespread acclaim, solidifying her musical prowess.

2. Judikay

Known as Judith Kanayo, Judikay is a Nigerian Gospel minister and worshiper who holds a degree in Theatre Arts from Redeemer’s University. She made her debut in the music scene in 2013 with the release of her first single, “Nobody Else.” In March 2019, EeZee Conceptz welcomed Judikay into their fold, unveiling a double single titled “Idinma” & “More Than Gold,” featuring Mercy Chinwo.

3. Chidinma Ekile

The acclaimed Afropop sensation, renowned for her chart-topping hit ‘Kedike,’ has embraced her Christian faith, making a transition to gospel music. Chidinma Ekile, with over 10 million social media followers, introduces them to the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. EeZee Conceptz Global, home to celebrated artists like Mercy Chinwo, Judikay, and Minister GUC, proudly welcomes Chidinma Ekile to their esteemed family as she signs with the record label.

4. Minister GUC

EeZee Conceptz Artists

Gift Ugochi Christopher, also known as GUC, is a devoted messenger of Jesus hailing from Rivers State and based in Port Harcourt. In November 2019, the award-winning gospel minister officially joined one of the fastest-growing Media Consulting Firms and Gospel Music Labels, EeZee Conceptz.

5. Esther Oji

Minister Esther Oji became an integral part of the Music team at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) in 2020. Her unwavering commitment to core values such as faithfulness, loyalty, selfless dedication, and excellence swiftly propelled her to a prominent leadership role within the team.

As a spiritual protégé of the renowned Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, Esther has honed her skills in praise and worship, creating a profound impact with her powerful vocal abilities and the anointing of God. Her ministry has been instrumental in ushering in the divine presence that manifests miracles, signs, and wonders. On September 1, 2022, she was officially unveiled as an artiste under the esteemed Christian record label, EeZee Conceptz Global.

6. Great Daniel

Minister Great Daniel is now a proud member of EeZee Conceptz Global, a record label that boasts prominent artists like Minister Mercy Chinwo, Minister Chidinma, Minister GUC, and Minister Judikay. At the young age of 13, he was announced as the label’s youngest artiste on July 1, 2022.

To mark this significant occasion, EeZee Conceptz Global released his debut single, “When Men see Me,” both in audio and video formats, commemorating the 12th anniversary of the record label. EeZee Conceptz Global believes that by introducing the talented Great Daniel as its newest act, a new generation of worship ministers will arise to guide their peers towards the knowledge and reverence of God.

7. Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan Ochogwu, born on May 25, 1978, in the red dust of Otukpo, hails from Ipole-Igwu, Orokam in Ogbadibo LGA, Benue State, Nigeria. An award-winning singer, songwriter, pastor, and producer of Christian worship music, Chris Morgan has touched souls worldwide with his uplifting compositions, including “Abba Father (Often as I Breathe),” “Yahweh,” “Arabiriti,” and others.

8. Toby Godwin

Toby Godwin, a musician and consultant, is associated with EeZee Conceptz Global.

9. Favour Israel Adedamola

He is a Music Minister Producer Mix/Master Engineerl

Pastor Jerry Eze Wife Age: How old is Pastor Eno Jerry Eze?


Pastor Jerry Eze, the leader of NSPPD ministry, recently dedicated a heartfelt tribute to celebrate the 40th birthday of his charming wife, Pastor Eno Eze. In 2023, Pastor Eno Eze reached the milestone of 40 years of age, and Pastor Jerry Eze couldn’t help but fall in love with her all over again.

Pastor Jerry and Eno share the joy of raising two beautiful children together, a son named Jerry and a daughter named Samara. The NSPPD leader took to his Instagram page to express his admiration for his beloved wife on her special day. Here are his words:

To the little girl I met at 17 who has blossomed to a Virtuous Woman. To the Young Christian I knew who has grown to become a Fireful Vessel in the hands of God. ”To the shy girl I met who has grown to be a Pillar of Confidence and Boldness. 

WHO WOULD NOT LOVE A WOMAN LIKE YOU ??? “Those who know you know that you carry an undiluted and unadulterated FIRE. You’ve got a primitive unction accompanied by a Supernatural Native Oil.”

Pastor Jerry Eze Wife Age

In an interview, Pastor Jerry Eze spoke deeply about his wife and their marriage issues. He said;

My wife once used her hand to fling breakable kitchenware to the floor, causing them to break, because she was upset.” He continued: “she once left me in a store in London and went home without me, despite knowing I could not find his my home. ”I had to call a friend of my wife who then came to pick me up because my wife wouldn’t come back for me.”

NSPPD Meaning: What is the Full Meaning Of NSPPD?


Some individuals consistently inquire about the complete meaning of NSPPD. In this article, we will elaborate on the meaning of NSPPD.

NSPPD stands for “New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration.” It is a weekly program organized by STREAMS OF JOY INTERNATIONAL, a church founded by Pastor Jerry Eze. Individuals who participate in the prayer network are referred to as NSPPDIAN.

So, what does NSPPD mean?

NSPPD, or New Season Prophetic Prayer and Declaration, lives up to its name as a daily morning prayer and worship service led by Pastor Jerry Eze (Host), his wife Pastor Eno Jerry Eze, and their prayer team. The sessions take place every Monday to Friday.

Pastor Jerry hosts the largest and rapidly growing online prayer meeting – New Season Prophetic Prayers & Declarations. Thousands of people tune in across various social media platforms daily, witnessing remarkable miracles, healing of terminal diseases, instances of raising the dead, and the blessing of the womb.

The impact of this global prayer platform has been immense, with undeniable evidence bringing the entire world to a standstill. Notably, renowned global institutions such as CNN have recognized Pastor Jerry’s YouTube Channel as the number 1 in the world. Pastor Jerry’s unprecedented success in utilizing social media to advance a cause is a phenomenon worthy of in-depth study. Truly, with NSPPD, the phrase “What God cannot do does not exist” comes to life.


Date: Mondays – Fridays.

Time: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM Each day.

Ministering: Pastor Jerry Eze and other Ministers of God

St Anthony Find A Home Prayer


St. Anthony, Prayer for Finding a Home

O God, my Provider, who knows me and all that concerns me, I acknowledge my current struggle in securing a home within the constraints of my budget and suitable for my lifestyle. Throughout my life, I have witnessed numerous miracles from you, and now, Lord, I seek one more blessing. Guide me in my quest for a suitable home, one that meets my needs, is well-furnished, and affordable. Lord, assist me in finding a residence in a favorable location, shielded from worldly distractions, and aligned with Your will. Amen.

Traditional: St. Anthony, Prayer for Finding a Home

Dear Saint Anthony, I humbly implore you to be my advocate before the Lord. I entrust this prayer to you, confident in your compassionate nature and benevolent heart.

Your life serves as a model of exemplary devotion and evangelism. Aid me in living my life with unwavering faith and Christian hope. You, who preached the message of charity, inspired humanity to seek peace and brotherhood. Through your intercession and miraculous deeds, support those who suffer and face injustice, especially the poor and forsaken in this troubled world.

I also seek your blessing upon the endeavors of my hands and those of my family. Rid us of sickness and disease, enabling us to remain close to God in times of joy and sorrow, guided by the faith and love of a devoted child.


Apostle Johnson Suleman Children and Wife: Meet the Johnsons

Apostle Johnson Suleman Children

Apostle Johnson Suleman got married to Evangelist Lizzy Johnson on 5th June, 2004 and the Marriage is blessed with six kids; Five girls and a boy.

Apostle Johnson Suleman Daughters
Apostle Johnson Suleman Son
Apostle Johnson Suleman wife

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Apostle Johnson Suleman Daughters

Apostle Johnson Suleman children

After working as an assistant pastor in the Armor of God Church in Lagos from 1998, he started Omega Fire Ministries in 2004.

Apostle Johnson Suleman Children

Apostle Johnson Suleman, according to prophecy was said to become a prophet for his generation, however, his parent did not take them seriously, because they were of a Muslim background.

Apostle Johnson Suleman Children

Apostle Johnson Suleman is a Nigerian televangelist, Prophet, and the General overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, a church boosting as the largest church auditorium in Auchi, Edo State.

Nene Olajide: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Songs, Husband


Nene Olajide, popularly known as Nene, is a Music coach, Songwriter, and Energetic Gospel minister. She generously utilizes her musical talent to bring blessings to lives worldwide. Hailing from Ogun State, Nigeria, Nene was born and raised in the Northern part of the country, specifically in Kaduna State.

During her time in Kaduna, she acquired proficiency in speaking the Hausa language, which is why many of her songs are in Hausa. Nene Olajide is a prominent female gospel artist from Nigeria, making a significant impact on the global stage. Her music resonates not only across Nigeria but also throughout Africa.

Nene Olajide

Profile Summary

Full NameNene Olajide
Stage NameMinister Nene Olajide
Date of Birth13th August
State of OriginOgun State
Place of BirthKaduna State
CareerMusic coach, Songwriter and Gospel minister
Net WorthN/A

Nene Olajide Age

Nene Olajide was born on the 13th of August in Kaduna. Her exact age has been undisclosed from the public at the moment. We will do our research and update you later.

Stage Name: Nene Olajide

Date Of Birth: 1990`s

Age: N/A

Profession: Gospel Singer

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: N/A

Biography of Nene Olajide

Known affectionately as Nene, she discovered her passion for music at an early age and has since dedicated herself to using her singing talent to positively influence lives worldwide.


Nene Olajide songs

Nene is the original creator and vocalist behind the chart-topping song “Komai na naka ne,” translating to “My everything is yours” in Hausa. This track is featured on her recent album, “LIGHT,” and serves as a defining moment in her musical journey, propelling her to fame within the gospel music community.

Nene Olajide is also a key member of the esteemed Emergency Crew, a music ministry that boasts some of the finest music ministers from Kaduna and beyond. Joining the crew early on, she quickly became a recognizable figure within the Emergency Crew.

Nene Olajide Age

Beyond her roles as a music coach and songwriter, Nene conducts a non-denominational monthly gathering for young adults and teenagers, which has been ongoing for over five years. This gathering focuses on cultivating a creative mindset in its audience, reigniting their spiritual connection to God and His teachings.

Additionally, Nene organizes an annual event titled “WAY OF THE SPIRIT,” a transformative program that has given rise to numerous miracles and changed lives. It provides a unique atmosphere and experience for attendees.

Nene Olajide Net Worth

As of now, the precise net worth of Minister Nene remains undisclosed. Any updates on this information will be promptly shared here when available.


All of Nene Olajide’s songs have been a blessing and a tool of Revival to the nations & has been doing good in the lives of men: Setting hearts on fire, Healing the oppressed, Breaking chains, and setting captives free. Some of her songs include:

  • Komina (My All)
  • Karfi Na
  • Pray
  • Yeshua
  • Babana
  • Ancient Spirit
  • Dogara
  • Zokwo Manai (Good Way)
  • Great & Mighty
  • Saman Giciye
  • Sunanka
  • Light
  • Yesu
  • Sunanka Interlude
  • Godiya
  • Yabo


May 19, 2023, made it Four years since she released her first debut album, Titled LIGHT which Later transmitted to YESHUA ” KOMAI NA NAKA NE.” Since them, Nene has been releasing several albums filled with powerful songs. Her recent album “Your Glory Album’ was unveiled on 28th May, 2023.

The album launch witnessed the presence of several anointed minsters such as Dr. Paul Enenche & Mother Dr. Mrs. Becky Paul-Enenche, Kaestrings, Mustapha Galadima, Deborah Paul Enenche, etc.YOUR GLORY ALBUM has been dedicated and unveiled by her Spiritual father Dr. Paul Enenche & Mother Dr. Mrs. Becky Paul-Enenche.

Nene Olajide Spiritual Father and Mother

The Spiritual father and mother of Minister Nene are Dr Pst Paul Enenche and Dr Mrs Becky Paul-Enenche. She has been a loyal daughter to them. She is a member of Dunamis church.

Social Media

Social Media PlatformUsernameFollowers
FacebookNeNe Olajide49k Plus
InstagramNene Olajide Official20.3k Plus
YouTubeNeNe Olajide3.55K Plus