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Is Joyce Meyer Still Alive? Facts Check


Pauline Joyce Meyer, born on June 4, 1943, is a well-known American charismatic Christian author and speaker and the head of Joyce Meyer Ministries. She lives in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. People are more curious to know if Joyce Meyer is still alive after hearing so many talks online. 

Is Joyce Meyer still alive?

Yes, Joyce Meyer is still alive as of 2023. She is a well-known Bible teacher and author who has been actively ministering for many years, sharing her message of hope, faith and love with people all over the world through her books, television programs, and speaking engagements.

Despite her advancing age, Joyce continues to be a vibrant and energetic leader in the Christian community, inspiring and encouraging people of all ages with her teachings and personal testimony.

About Joyce Meyer

The founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries and a well-known American author and speaker for the Charismatic Christian movement, Pauline Joyce Meyer was born on June 4, 1943. Together with her husband Dave and their four adult children, she resides in the St. Louis suburbs of Missouri.

Meyer’s father left for the war soon after her birth, and she was born Pauline Joyce Hutchison in South St. Louis in 1943. She then speaks about how he allegedly started abusing her sexually after his return to her talks. She still has a working-class accent from St. Louis despite having gone through this horrible ordeal.

Meyer completed her high school education at O’Fallon Technical High School in St. Louis before being married to a part-time auto salesman. She claims her spouse was unfaithful and urged her to steal from her employer during their five-year marriage.

She eventually repaid the money that had been taken in order to pay for their journey to California. She spent time in neighborhood pubs following her divorce before meeting and wed Dave Meyer in 1967.

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Where Is Joyce Meyer Now?

Currently headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Joyce Meyer still travels around to deliver sermons at churches and conferences. She has built up a sizable ministry network over the years and has inspired and brought hope to millions of people.

Joyce has adapted to modern technology and has been able to continue sharing her message through virtual means, reaching individuals in remote regions and encouraging them to live lives of purpose and joy despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

She continues to be a well-known and significant figure in the Christian world and uses her teachings and personal experiences to uplift and inspire people from all walks of life.

Does Joyce Meyer Have Cancer?

Joyce Meyer Shares Her Breast story, Cancer October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Joyce wanted to share a piece of her own experience to bring encouragement to those going through a similar situation. She underwent a normal checkup in 1989 and was horrified to discover she had breast cancer.

She was advised to get a mastectomy because the cancer was of a fast-growing variety. She found this to be a difficult situation, but she chose to put her faith in God and His plan.

Over the years, Joyce has had regular checkups and has received clean reports, until a few years ago when she experienced back trouble. She underwent further tests and was told she had lesions on her spine that could be cancer. Despite her fear, she chose to trust in God and wait for the results.

The test came back showing that cancer had healed itself and she had no trace of it in her body. Through it all, Joyce remained steadfast in her faith and came out feeling better than before.

Is Joyce Meyer Retiring?

As of 2023, Joyce Meyer has not announced any plans to retire. As a prominent speaker and author in the Christian community, she continues to share her message and inspire others through her ministry and various media outlets.


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