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Joshua Iwueze Biography, Age, Wife, Songs, Net Worth


Joshua is the third child of Pastor Stephen Iwueze and his lovely wife, Love Iwueze. Albeit being the third child, he is also the first boy. In other words, Joshua is the man of the house after his father. He was born on the 8th of November 1995 in Imo State.

He completed her nursery, primary and secondary education in his homeland but pursued a university degree elsewhere. His field of study is not known but check back later as we keep updating this article.

Joshua is a member of the celebrated childhood musical band, Destiny Kids. Unlike his sister Favour who is shy, he is an outspoken person with a free spirit. In the music video of yesteryears, Radical For Jesus, Joshua was seen exhibiting vigour and energy.

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He has since endeared many to himself with his style and pattern. Rumour has it that the young  man is still into music even though he now owns a business.


joshua iwueze

Joshua is the CEO and founder of Josh Empire, a clothing, hair styling and accessories venture. He specializes in Unisex clothes, Ladies hair, wrist watches, men and women shoes and much more.

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Joshua Iwueze Wife: Is Joshua Iwueze Married?

Joshua is not married at the money. Disregard any rumour stating otherwise. When he finally ties the knot we will definitely update you.

Does Joshua have a child yet?
No, he doesn’t.

joshua iwueze net work

Joshua Iwueze Parents

Joshua Iwueze father name: Stephen Iwueze.

Joshua Iwueze mother name: Love Iwueze.

Joshua Iwueze Age: How old is Joshua Iwueze?

Joshua was born on 8th November 1995 to Pastor Stephen Iwueze and his wife Love Iwueze. As of when this post was drafted he was 23 years old.

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Rejoice Iwueze songs
He is signed to God’s Mercy Connection. It is a prominent record label for gospel singers in Imo State.

  • I Can Face Tomorrow
  • Radical

See some beautiful current pictures of the singer below:

joshua iwueze age
joshua iwueze biography

About Destined Kids

Destined Kids

The Destined Kids stars are still alive, they’ve grown into responsible adults. Favour and Rejoice Iwueze are both married as at the moment. Well, I think the Destined Kids group may have stopped their music ministry as a group, but, some of them might still take up music as his/her individual career.

Who are Destined Kids?

Who are Destined Kids?

Destined Kids was a group of six children who sang gospel songs back in the early 2000s. However, only five children sang in the group as the sixth one, Wonderful, was still a baby as at the time. The main singers were Favour, Rejoice, Joshua, Best and Caleb.

They were all born to Pastor Stephen Iwueze and his wife, Mrs Love Iwueze. They are natives of Imo State, Nigeria. Rejoice Iwueze was the lead vocalist, while her father, Pastor Iwueze, was the composer of all their songs.

Destined Kids songs

Destined Kids songs

Destined Kids had several hit songs, they are:

  • Joy Joy Joy
  • Praise God
  • Nigeria a Blessed Land
  • Miracle Man
  • Where Will You be?
  • I Will Follow Jesus
  • We Want Him no More
  • Always Pray
  • Why Should I Fear
  • What Must I do?
  • Little Children Obey
  • As we Worship
  • ABC – 123
  • Holy! Holy!! Holy!!!
  • Brethren
  • I am Blessed

Destined Kids members

Destined Kids were made up of six members:

  • Favour Iwueze
  • Rejoice Iwueze
  • Joshua Iwueze
  • Best Iwueze
  • Caleb Iwueze
  • Wonderful Iwueze

However, only five children performed in the group. Wonderful, was a baby and could not sing, but she was featured in the music videos.


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