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Joyce Meyer Dad Biography: Meet Mr Hutchison who sexually abused his daughter for over 200 times


Pauline Joyce Meyer (née Hutchison; June 4, 1943) is an American charismatic Christian author, speaker, and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Joyce and her husband, Dave, have four grown children and live outside St. Louis, Missouri. Her ministry is headquartered near the St. Louis suburb of Fenton, Missouri.

Joyce Meyer Dad Biography

Joyce Meyer was born to her parents, Mr and Mrs Hutchison. Meyer’s father enlisted in the army shortly after her birth to participate in World War II. Meyer’s father returned from the army and began sexually, cognitively, emotionally, and verbally torturing her. He was an authoritative man.

Both Joyce and her brother (David Hutchison) were born into the marital union between their father and mother.

Joyce Meyer Dad
Nothing can be more beautiful than a caring mother. Behold the picture of Joyce and her mum with beautiful smiles.

Growing-Up Years:

A sense of self-pity and multiple personality disorders shaped the childhood of Joyce Meyer. The issue came as a result of constant abuse from her father, Mr Hutchison. The fear of her torturous existence had a lasting impression on her.

Joyce Meyer’s Dad Repentance Story

Miraculously, Joyce Meyer’s father gave his life to Christ and became a dedicated Christian before his death. It will interest you to know that Joyce’s father was baptized in his daughter’s ministry. She confessed that it was the best Father’s Day she had ever experienced in life. Today, we believe that he has gone to be with the Lord.

Joyce Meyer’s Early Life

Growing up was quite horrible for Joyce because of the atrocities she experienced from her father. Little by little, Joyce Meyer developed a derogatory sense of herself. She attended school but could not concentrate on her studies. Joyce was ill-mannered and unmanageable.

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A sense of guilt and negative thinking were the order of the day in Joyce’s life. In fact, she became the type to see everything with suspicion. That was all her behavioral abnormalities until she received a message from God and began teaching a Bible class.

Joyce Meyer Family Background

The American pastor comes from a middle-class family that has been significantly impacted by her father’s irresponsibility and incompetence. Joyce Meyer’s father was a soldier, and her mother was a housewife who cared for her and her sibling.

Joyce’s childhood was difficult due to her father’s abuse. When he returned from World War 11, he began abusing her. Her father also damaged her mother when she began to shield Joyce from him.

Joyce Meyer Family Origin:

The American Bible teacher holds United States Nationality. This is because Joyce Meyer’s parents had her in St Louis, Missouri, in the United States by birth. Upon research, we found that Evan Peters and Sean Gunn (both Actors) are from this part of the US.

About Joyce Meyer’s Mother:

Joyce Meyer’s mother was a housekeeper  who took care of Joyce and her brother while their father was in the army during World War II.

Joyce’s mother tried multiple times to shield her daughter from her abusive father, but she was also abused. Joyce Meyer’s mother’s name is still unknown.

Joyce Meyer Dad
The rare picture of Joyce and her beautiful mother at a young age

About Joyce Meyer’s Brother:

The name of her brother is David Hutchison. He is her only sibling, and he is also 10 years younger than her. David joined the army at 17 years old. It was there that his sergeant introduced drugs to David, claiming it would help him cope with the horrors of war.

He eventually got married as a drug addict. However, Hutchison had a son with his wife and divorced her afterwards. He ran away after the divorce. Sadly, David died alone in an uncompleted building and was discovered by a homeless man thirty days after his death.

About Joyce Meyer

Meyer was born Pauline Joyce Hutchison in 1943 in south St. Louis. Soon after her birth, her father enlisted in the army to serve in World War II. She has stated in interviews that upon his return, he began sexually abusing her, and she mentions this incident in her sessions. She has a St. Louis working-class accent.

She graduated from St. Louis’ O’Fallon Technical High School and married a part-time auto salesman shortly after her senior year. The relationship lasted five years. She claims that her spouse cheated on her frequently and convinced her to take payroll checks from her employer. They spent the money on a trip to California.

She states that she returned the money years later. After her divorce, Meyer frequented local bars before meeting Dave Meyer, an engineering draftsman. They were married on January 7, 1967.


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