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Jude Eloi Uebert Angel: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Siblings


Jude Eloi Uebert Angel, the third son of the renowned Prophet Uebert Angel and Prophetess Beverly Angel from Spirit Embassy, entered this world on July 23, 2012. Mirroring the Christ-like principles of his parents and three brothers, Jude has already started treading the path of righteousness.

Jude Uebert Angel Age: How Old Is Jude Angel?

Jude Eloi Uebert Angel, was born on November 20. His father wrote this lovely message to mark his birthday:

As we celebrate the birth of Jude Uebert Angel on November 20, we joyfully wish him a happy birthday! To our cherished NUMBER 3, you’re not just the best, but the only one in this special position. I prophesy that God’s abundance will overflow in your life, granting you additional years filled with wealth, health, longevity, and every blessing that encompasses a life of godliness, both now and forever. We love you dearly, and once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUDE ELOI UEBERT ANGEL!

In the Angel family, Jude Angel stands as the third child, the third son born to Prophet Uebert and Prophetess Bebe Angel of Spirit Embassy Church. This blessed union has brought forth four wonderful boys, with their names being: Uebert Angel Jr, Levi Angel and Seth Angel.

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Social Media

Follow Jude Uebert Angel on Instagram @iamsethangel. He is a celebrity kid that has garnered over 8k followers on Instagram.


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