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List Of Books Written By John Hagee


With more than 22,000 active members, John Hagee founded and serves as senior pastor of the charismatic megachurch Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. He also serves as the organization’s president.

John Hagee, author of the books Jerusalem Countdown, The Battle for Jerusalem, From Daniel to Doomsday, Life Lessons to Live By, and The Financial Armageddon. He is also the author of several successful books, study Bibles, and devotionals. The bestseller lists of the New York Times and USA Today both include Four Blood Moons. The End of the Age, his most recent publication, is now accessible.

List Of Books Written By John Hagee

Below is a list of some of the Books by John Hagee you should lay your hands on as soon as possible:

  • The Invasion of Demons (1973)
  • Like a cleansing fire (1974)
  • The Beginning of the End (1996)
  • Day of Deception (1997)
  • Final Dawn Over Jerusalem (1998)
  • His Glory Revealed (1999)
  • From Daniel to Doomsday: The Countdown Has Begun (1999)
  • God’s Two-Minute Warning (2000)
  • The Revelation of Truth (2000)
  • The Battle For Jerusalem (2001)
  • Attack On America New York, Jerusalem, And The Role Of Terrorism In The Last Days (2001), revised version of The Battle For Jerusalem
  • Devil’s Island (2001) — first novel
  • Avenger of Blood (2002) — second book in the novel series
  • The Life Plan Study Bible: God’s Keys to Personal Success (2004)
  • The Seven Secrets: Unlocking Genuine Greatness (2004)
  • Life Lessons to Live By: 52 Weeks of God’s Keys to Personal Success (2005) — (daily devotional)
  • Jerusalem Countdown (2005)
  • What Every Man Wants In a Woman/What Every Woman Wants In a Man (2005)
  • In Defense of Israel (2007)
  • Financial Armageddon (2008)
  • Can America Survive? 10 Prophetic Signs that we are the Terminal Generation (2010)
  • The Power of the Prophetic Blessing (2012)
  • Four Blood Moons: Something Is About To Change (2013)
  • The Financial Armageddon (2008)


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