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List of Church Denominations we have in the world

Churches denomination

Simply put, a Christian denomination is a recognized religious group within Christianity that unites all church congregations of the same kind. These congregations are clearly recognized by name, specific history, organizational structure, leadership, theological theory, worship practices, and, occasionally, a founder.

Christian denomination is a neutral, secular phrase that is typically used to refer to any established Christian church movement. The list of Christian denominations found worldwide is provided below.

List of Church Denominations We Have In The World

  1. Assemblies of God Church 
  2. Celebration Church International 
  3. Christ Apostolic Church  
  4. Christ Embassy 
  5. Communion Christian Centre 
  6. Common Wealth of Zion Assembly
  7. Daystar Christian Centre
  8. Dominion City Church
  9. Deeper Life Christian Ministry 
  10. Elevation Church
  11. God’s Love Tabernacle 
  12. House of Encounters International 
  13. House on the Rock 
  14. Living Faith Church  
  15. Mountain Of Fire and Miracles Ministries  
  16. Redeemed Christian Church of God 
  17. Royal Worshipers Assembly
  18. Power Embassy
  19. Perfection Embassy
  20. Sons of Life Family Church
  21. Saints Community Church
  22. Salvation Ministries  
  23. Sphere of Light Church
  24. Spirit Embassy aka Goodnews Church
  25. The Apostolic Church Nigeria  
  26. The Covenant Nation 
  27. The Elevation Church
  28. The Grace Point Church 
  29. The Fountain of Life Church
  30. The Love Family International Church
  31. The Light House Church
  32. The Refinery Church  
  33. Torch Bearers Ministries


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