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List Of Gospel Jazz Artists


Here are some Gospel Jazz Artists who have been prominent in the genre. Please note that the popularity and presence of artists may have changed since then, and new artists may have emerged. Here’s a list of some Gospel Jazz Artists:

List Of Gospel Jazz Artists

  • Alex Acuna
  • Bill Cantos
  • Dan Traxler
  • Dr. Vernard Johnson
  • George Furlow
  • Grady Nichols
  • Greg Vail
  • Harold Rayburn
  • Jay Leach
  • Jimmy Greene
  • Justo Almario
  • Kim Hutchcroft
  • Kirk Whalum
  • Mark Douthit
  • Peggy Duquesnel
  • Phil Keagy
  • Rob Whitlock
  • Ron Brown
  • Sam Levine
  • Tom Braxton
  • Tom Brooks


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