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Pastor Carlton Funderburke Biography, Age, Wife, Children

Carlton Funderburke, a Kansas City pastor, has been trending after he called his congregation cheap for not honouring him with a new watch he requested a year ago, while he was preaching about taking care of God’s shepherd.

Pastor Carlton Funderburke Biography, Age, Wife, Children

The Kansas City pastor, Carlton Funderburke was caught on camera calling his congregation poor, broke, busted, and disgusting when they did not buy him a pricey Movado watch he’d requested in the last year. These watches range in price from $395 to $3,295. Watch video below

Pastor Carlton Funderburke has apologised to his congregation, saying, “ the video clip does not reflect my heart or my sentiment toward God’s people, yet, that’s not discernible in the clip.” He did not, however, explain his actions.


“Thank you for your support, to those who know and love me,” he remarked. “For those of you who only know me now because of this music video, I apologise if your initial reaction to me is one of rage, hostility, or resentment.”

Carlton Funderburke Biography

Carlton Funderburke, a native of Kansas City, Missouri, is the founding senior pastor of Church At The Well, in Kansas City, Missouri. He started ministry at the age of 17.

Pastor Carlton Funderburke Biography, Age, Wife, Children

Prophet Funderburke is also the founder and chief executive officer of Anointed One Ministries, a sub organisation, which specialises in the ministry of reconciliation.

With his eye also trained on the marketplace, Pastor Funderburke founded and incorporated His Hands Extended, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organisation, linking corporate America to grass roots Christian organisations, creating synergy, funding, and partnership between them.

Realising the need for spiritual covering and accountability, he submits to his father-in-love, Bishop L.W. Bolton, Jr. Having been duly appointed to the office of an Overseer, he serves as the General Overseer of the We Have Not Many Fathers Fellowship International, presided by Bishop Bolton.

Pastor Carlton Funderburke Biography, Age, Wife, Children

Pastor Funderburke also serves in the leadership team of the North Central Province of the Global United Fellowship, presided by Bishop Neil C. Ellis.

Pastor Funderburke, who is a highly sought after conference speaker and lecturer, graduated from the Drake University.

Acknowledging his service and commitment in ministry, Overseer Funderburke received a doctorate of divinity (honoris causa) from the Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary, Daytona Beach, Florida.


Carlton Funderburke is married to Pastor Sylvarena Funderburke.

Pastor Carlton Funderburke Biography, Age, Wife, Children

He and his wife, Sylvarena Funderburke, make an awesome ministry team and are a great kingdom force in these times. Currently, Overseer & Lady Funderburke reside in South Kansas City with their three children.

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