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Pastor Emmanuel Aaron Biography, Music Career, Age, Songs, Ministry


Pastor Emmanuel is a spirit-filled worship leader, a multi-dimensional musician whose songs have and are still a blessing to the lives of soo many who have come across them either as audio or during his live ministrations.

Background and Early Life

Emmanuel Aaron is an indigen of Enugu State, Nigeria. He was born and brought up in Kaduna State, on the 8th of July. Emmanuel is the second child of among four children born to his parents, Rev and Mrs Kingsley Aaron Edeh. His Dad served as a Pastor under Assemblies of God church, Nigeria.

Biography of Emmanuel Aaron

Emmanuel Aaron is a Pastor, gospel musician, songwriter, and as well, a multi-talented musical producer. As at the early age of 4, He had found his passion and connection for music. He attributed this to the fact that his dad was a reverend and they stayed in the church premises, where he got close to listening to sounds most especially from the piano which shaped his passion and drive for music.

However, as at the time, He never thought he was ever going to do music professionally.

How He started

Emmanuel Aaron

Emmanuel Aaron started his music journey by learning to play the drums while he was in Junior high school, and then picked up interest in playing the keyboard still while in his junior high school.

Emmanuel Aaron

During his high school days, he had received accolades and recognition from students in his school because he had a calm and angelic voice. Another remarkable thing about him was that while in high school, he discovered his leadership gift.

He just knew that he could lead others, this was one of the reasons that he became the leader of a singing group which rendered special songs during the F.C.S fellowship in school.

When Emmanuel Aaron was done with high school in 2011, he decided to be more intentional about improving his vocals, keyboard play and arrangement. That was were he met with a young man by name Caleb David, in a program; whom later exposed him further into the musical world.

Emmanuel Aaron said he could vividly recall the countless night vigils and time spent in the house of Caleb David just to watch and learn. And that has greatly ignited the passion and love for music. Not just only music, Emmanuel Aaron then realized he wanted to use his gifts for God and he wanted to be a gospel musician.

On the 22nd of March, 2013, at college, as a fresher, Emmanuel Aaron held his first worship meeting. This led to the desire of communicating God’s unending love through his sound in his tertiary school days.

Pastor Emmanuel Aaron

After leaving college, He became a serving leader in Sons of Life Family, which started as a fellowship at the time in school. After years of service in Sons of Life Family, he was ordained a pastor in 2016.


Emmanuel Aaron is a worship leader, recording, and performing artist at the Life In Love People ministry. Pastor Emmanuel Aaron was once the musical Pastor of Sons of Life Family Church, Mando, Kaduna. After serving for some years as the musical Director in Sons of Life, he left to start up his own ministry, Life In Love People.

Emmanuel Aaron is known to have an electrifying stage performance. Each time he sings, you could literally feel the overwhelming presence of God, adding to the fact that he is gifted with a blessed voice.

Albums and Songs

New Day• Masoyina (Download here)
• Alpha Omega
• Light
• Blessing
• I Di Mma
• Yeye
Hope• Interludes
• Manger
• Be still ft Rekah Dabor
• Turn up ft Faith Anthony
• I go follow ft Wilson
• Everything fails
• Process

Artists He has worked with

Wilson, Rekah Dabor and Faith Anthony

Producers He has worked with

Apro, Kopji and Izy Best (certified immortal)

Social Media Handles

You should follow him on all his social media platforms to stay connected to him.

FacebookEmmanuel Aaron
Instagram realemmanuelaaron
YouTubeEmmanuel Aaron


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