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Pastor Jerry Eze Wife Age: How old is Pastor Eno Jerry Eze?


Pastor Jerry Eze, the leader of NSPPD ministry, recently dedicated a heartfelt tribute to celebrate the 40th birthday of his charming wife, Pastor Eno Eze. In 2023, Pastor Eno Eze reached the milestone of 40 years of age, and Pastor Jerry Eze couldn’t help but fall in love with her all over again.

Pastor Jerry and Eno share the joy of raising two beautiful children together, a son named Jerry and a daughter named Samara. The NSPPD leader took to his Instagram page to express his admiration for his beloved wife on her special day. Here are his words:

To the little girl I met at 17 who has blossomed to a Virtuous Woman. To the Young Christian I knew who has grown to become a Fireful Vessel in the hands of God. ”To the shy girl I met who has grown to be a Pillar of Confidence and Boldness. 

WHO WOULD NOT LOVE A WOMAN LIKE YOU ??? “Those who know you know that you carry an undiluted and unadulterated FIRE. You’ve got a primitive unction accompanied by a Supernatural Native Oil.”

Pastor Jerry Eze Wife Age

In an interview, Pastor Jerry Eze spoke deeply about his wife and their marriage issues. He said;

My wife once used her hand to fling breakable kitchenware to the floor, causing them to break, because she was upset.” He continued: “she once left me in a store in London and went home without me, despite knowing I could not find his my home. ”I had to call a friend of my wife who then came to pick me up because my wife wouldn’t come back for me.”


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