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Pastor Veronica Asaba Biography, Age, Net Worth, Husband, Phone Number, Church


This post covers the necessary information you need to know about Pastor Veronica Asaba but you don’t know a lot about her. Pastor Veronica has been trending after her controversial claims that she can heal men’s infertility. But how true is her claims? Let dig deep!

Profile Summary

Full Name:Pastor Mrs. Veronica
Age:35 years old
Place of Birth:Asaba, Delta State
State of Origin:Delta State
Net Worth:$200,000
Husband/Spouse:Not Married

Pastor Veronica Biography

Pastor Veronica asaba

Pastor Mrs. Veronica was born in Asaba, Delta State, and is the officiating pastor of Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry in Asaba, Delta State. She claims she is an angel sent from heaven to liberate mankind, and that sleeping with her is the only way to be healed. Pastor Veronica rose to fame after making comments about releasing males who sleep with her.

Pastor Mrs. Veronica

Pastor Mrs. Veronica claims about curing men having infertility problem

According to reports, the pastor who was offering a sermon to her congregation during church service said any man that makes love to her will be healed of his fertility problem because God anointed her vagina.

Pastor Veronica said her mission on earth is to cure fertility problems in men and once any of them sleeps with her and her body fluid touches his manhood, such a man will be healed of his fertility problem.

“My mission on earth is to cure men of their infertility problem through sleeping with them. Each session must not last more than 2 minutes.

“God gave me and anointing vagina, you only have to sleep with me and get healed of all your fertility problems. Men have gone through a lot in this generation and God sent me to liberate them.

“You can chose to believe me anointing or leave it but it remains true. Watch my video to hear the full message of yesterday”, Pastor Mrs. Veronica said.

Watch Video Here

Interesting facts about Pastor Veronica Asaba

  • Pastor Mrs. Veronica is 35 years old.
  • Her church has a capacity of 600 members.
  • She is not married and is not even planning to be.
  • She said she came to heal men of infertility by just sleeping with them.

Pastor Veronica Net Worth

Pastor Mrs. Veronica is a popular Nigerian pastor and the founder and general overseer of Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry with an estimated net worth of $200,000.

How to contact Pastor Veronica

Pastor Mrs. Veronica’s contact information was made available by the self-proclaimed healer after she stated that she can heal males who are infertile. Pastor Veronica’s Facebook account is inactive, so don’t look for her there to avoid becoming a victim of a hoax.


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