Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Bio, Net Worth, Messages, Wife, Cars

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, also known as Major 1 or Prophet Bushiri, is the founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering and a Malawian gospel minister, author, and business guru. He said his birth name was Chipiliro Gama, but his spokeswoman refuted this information.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Bio, Net Worth, Messages, Wife, Cars

Besides working full-time in the ministry, Prophet Bushiri is also actively managing a number of investments, including mining and real estate. He has become one of the richest preachers in the entire globe due to his rapid fortune accumulation.

How old is Shepherd Bushiri

Born in February 1983, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is currently 39 years(in 2022).

Bushiri’s Wife Mary

The prophet’s wife is Mary. However, he refers to her as Princess. Mary Zgambo Bushiri was born on August 23, 1990, in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, making her 32 years old at the moment. All the divisions of her husband’s ministry, Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), celebrated her recent birthday.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Bio, Net Worth, Messages, Wife, Cars

At the Mzuzu Stadium in Malawi, the pair got married in 2011, one year after Prophet Bushiri founded his ECG. There was a sizable crowd at the wedding.


Mary Bushiri

Mary Bushiri, a prophetess, is a strong supporter of her husband’s ministry. She is a certified chartered accountant who left the world of numbers to support her husband in his ministry.

Israella and Raphaella are the daughters of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. Israella is dead. She battled a lung disease for a long time until passing in March 2021 at the age of 8. In a long, heartfelt Facebook post, the Prophet revealed the passing of his daughter and hailed her as a saint.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Bio, Net Worth, Messages, Wife, Cars

Who is Shepherd Bushiri’s Spiritual Father?

Bushiri is the proud spiritual son of Prophet Uebert Angel of Spirit Embassy. Prophet Uebert Angel is a Zimbabwean prophet known for preaching the gospel with a unique style. Angel came to the limelight in 2013 with his miracles, wonders, and healings.

Angel is also the founder of Spirit Embassy Ministries, which was founded in 2007 in Manchester, United Kingdom. Angel is believed to have had over 50 angelic visitations, had seen the Lord 6 times, and had been caught up into paradise once.

Shepherd Bushiri’s Net Worth

Currently, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is one of the wealthiest preachers of the gospel in Africa, who has chains of businesses and investments to his name. However, Bushiri himself would not say what his net worth is. But his assets could give clues to that.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Bio, Net Worth, Messages, Wife, Cars

A recent report by the BBC pegged his net worth at over $150 million. Now that’s a cool sum and way beyond what other ministers in Africa can claim to own.

Mansion/ Houses

Shepherd Bushiri House

The prophet, like his spiritual father Uebert Angel, has high standards for both houses and automobiles. He owns a number of properties. The same could be said of his Malawian property collection. When it comes to exotic automobiles, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is notable for his collection.

Some of the most luxurious cars money can buy are in his fleet. In 2017, when his daughter turned 6, he gave her a Maserati Levante.

Shepherd Bushiri daughter cars

Other cars owned by the prophet are a Bentley Bentayga Limited Edition, a Rolls Royce Black Badge, a Bentley Flying Spur, a Porsche Panamera, and an Aston Martin One -77.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Bio, Net Worth, Messages, Wife, Cars


The Malawian preacher has a big ministry called the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), founded in 2010, few months before his wedding. One of the fastest-growing churches not just in Africa but also globally, according to reports, is ECG. Prophet Bushiri started his ministry in 2010, and two years later, in 2012, he started a branch in South Africa. Soon after, he relocated there, making the South African branch the busiest in the world.

In addition, the church has branches in Ghana, Malawi, and other nations. Numerous thousands of people attend the church services in Bushiri. His largest service apparently takes place on New Year’s Eve at the FNB Stadium in South Africa.

Controversies have plagued Bushiri’s ministry. Although he’s aware some people describe him as a scam, he shrugs off the claims. And for those who claim he performs fake miracles and healings, the prophet himself says he doesn’t heal, God does.

Private Jets

Shepherd Bushiri is one of the pastors who own a jet and fly in elegance. According to reports from 2016, the prophet reportedly had not one but three private jets, making him one of the major players in ministry both in Africa and elsewhere. According to rumors, he paid $37 million in January 2016 to buy his third private jet.

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