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Prophet Uebert Angel Daughter: Who Is Uebert Angel’s Daughter?


Prophet Uebert Angel, whose birth name is Uebert Mudzanire, is a Zimbabwean clergyman, Author, Televangelist and entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom. Born on September 6, 1978, in Zimbabwe

Uebert Angel, 44, is the founder of Spirit Embassy, a church known as the GoodNews Church, with branches in several countries including the United Kingdom, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Does Prophet Uebert Angel Have a Daughter?

Prophet Uebert Angel Daughter

Prophet Uebert Angel is married to the woman of his youth Bebe Angel or Beverly Angel. The couple met in Harare in Zimbabwe when Bebe was just 18. They got married on the 21st of December, 2000 and they have been happily married. Together they are blessed with four children and all of them are boys.

Uebert Angel children names

Uebert Angel children

Uebert Angel and Bebe Angel are blessed with four male children. Their names are:

  • Uebert Angel Jr
  • Levi Hanoch Angel
  • Jude Angel
  • Seth Angel

Uebert Angel Message To His Daughters

Dear Daughter Just because you MET THEM at CHURCH doesn’t mean they are THE ONE. Remember even DEMONS attend church services!Dad

Prophet Uebert Angel Daughter


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