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Seth Uebert Angel: Biography, Age, Siblings, Net Worth


Seth Uebert Angel, the fourth son of renowned prophet and televangelist Prophet Uebert Angel and Prophetess Beverly Angel of Spirit Embassy, was born on November 20. Following in the Christ-like footsteps of his parents and siblings, Jude Angel has already begun his journey on this spiritual path.

Seth Angel Age: How old is Seth Uebert Angel?

Seth Uebert Angel was born on July 23, 2012. Seth Angel is 10 years old. He will be 11 years old on July 23, 2023.

Happy BIRTHDAY to my number 4, my bundle of joy, my master of cool, Seth Uebert Angel. God is with you and you shall see many many many many more of these and will make an impact on the earth that no one will be able to ignore. Love you and enjoy your BIRTHDAY LITTLE CHAMP! – Prophet Uebert Angel.

Seth Angel Siblings

Seth Uebert Angel is the fourth second child of Prophet Uebert and Prohetess Bebe Angel of Spirit Embassy Church. The union is blessed with four children, all boys. Their names are:Uebert Angel Jr, Levi Angel and Jude Angel.

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