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The Winlos Daughter Aima Biography, Age, Photos


The Winlos comprise two besties, Pastor Ohis Ojeikere and Pastor Anwinli. They use to be a member of their church’s drama group before getting married.

The Winlos have been married for eight years and have one beautiful daughter, Princess Aima. She her dad look-alike. The Winlos shared some beautiful beautiful pictures of themselves online with their lovely daughter.

The Winlos Daughter Aima (Photos)

The Winlos Daughter Aima
The Winlos Daughter Aima
The Winlos Daughter Aima age

The Winlos Daughter’s Age

Princess Aima was born on 24 May, 2015. She is 8years old in 2023. She looks more like her dad.

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According to her parents, she is a damsel full of unusual wisdom, irresistible fragrance, contagious smile, aroma of favour.

The Winlos Daughter Age
The Winlos Daughter
The Winlos Children

Princess Aima’s Parents – The Winlos

Pastor Muyiwa Ohis Ojeikere and his wife, Pastor Anwinli met and became friends in Asaba in 2008. They met while acting and writing drama scripts in their local church drama team. From there, they became friends, fell in love and got married.

The Winlos have become a popular name in the mouth of gospel movie lovers, and the entire Christendom. The rise of the Winlos was in 2020, during the Corona Virus lockdown.

Princess Aima’s Career

Talented Aima has already joined her parents in the movie industry; even at a very young age. She has been featured in several skits by her parents.

She is fluent in speech and has already started getting use to acting. We can attribute that to her super-talented coaches The Winlos. Watch her video with her parents below.

Hot seat with Aima

Hot seat with the WINLOS daughter Aima 😍😃

The Winlos Sons and Daughters

The Winlos, who are the overseers and Pastors of the Votage Church, are Spiritual parents to so many sons and daughters.

They are also mentors and a source of inspiration to so many youths, singles and married.

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