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Top 10 Nathaniel Bassey Songs of all Time

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Nathaniel Bassey, a prominent figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene, has firmly positioned himself as an influential voice. His deeply spiritual and worshipful gospel songs have resonated with people worldwide, leaving a lasting impact on their lives. In this exploration, we delve into some of Nathaniel Bassey’s compositions—songs that have become synonymous with his name over time and others gaining increasing recognition and affection from fans.

Top 10 Nathaniel Bassey Songs

  1. Wonderful Wonder

Far from being a harsh tune, Enchanting Marvel is a Christian composition that captivated Nigerian gospel music enthusiasts, leaving them humming its lyrics for an extended period. The song serves as a poetic homage to the Genesis chapter 1 creation narrative, weaving believable lyrics that exalt God and the vast universe. The protagonist marvels at the wonders of God, expressed through the changing seasons—summer, winter, autumn, and spring—along with the vivid elements of the natural world, such as the blue skies and trees.

While rooted in the Genesis 1 creation story, Wonderful Wonder resonates with listeners due to its relevance to the awe-inspiring acts of God in contemporary times. Pastor Nathaniel Bassey’s rendition features a blend of vocals and instrumental prowess, including strings, drums, and local instruments, resulting in a timeless track from his sophomore album.

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  1. See What the Lord has Done

This remarkable song serves as a powerful testament to the goodness of God. Its lyrics encourage introspection and gratitude for life’s blessings. Since its release in 2021, Behold What the Lord Has Done has garnered numerous testimonials on Bassey’s YouTube page, providing a platform for individuals to share their experiences and express gratitude to God.

Beyond being a thanksgiving anthem, the song also fortifies the faith of those patiently awaiting miracles from the Lord.

  1. Like a Symphony

The inclusion of this track in the list of Nathaniel Bassey’s top songs is attributed to its profoundly melodic nature. The rendition showcases the divine gift bestowed upon Nathaniel Bassey and his musical ensemble. Like a glimpse of heaven, the song immerses listeners in a profound sense of worship, delivering an undeniable ecstasy through its harmonious melody. The sweet tones and rhythm make it an essential addition to the top-ranking Nathaniel Bassey songs.

  1. Yeshua Hamashiach

Bassey and Oyinkan achieved a profound connection to worship and spirituality with this song. The rendition transports listeners to a realm of reverence, temporarily detaching them from worldly distractions. Pastor Nathaniel describes the spoken-word version featuring Oyinkan Koku-Bazuwaye as an overture on the album “NAMES OF GOD.” The heavenly violin sound, solo bass guitar, impassioned spoken word, and brilliant trumpet sound collectively create an ethereal experience, bringing heaven to earth.

  1. Rejoice in Jesus

This song exudes excitement and vitality, inviting listeners to celebrate Jesus. Released in 2016, the track features the musical talents of Onos Ariyo, complementing Nathaniel Bassey on this danceable composition. Beyond showcasing the artists’ vocal prowess, the infectious melody compels listeners to don their dancing shoes and join in the celebration of Jesus.

  1. Adonai

Among Nathaniel Bassey’s musical creations, “Adonai” stands out as a powerful composition that transports listeners to a realm of deep gratitude and worship. This blockbuster track has garnered over 11 million streams on YouTube, attesting to its widespread popularity.

Joel Karanga, an ardent fan of the gospel minister, reflects, “This kind of music can only be crafted in the secret place of the Most High. These melodies are divine, not of earthly origin. It’s the work of the Holy Spirit.”

  1. Olorun Agbaye

When it comes to describing the supreme nature of God, “Olorun Agbaye” is an excellent choice. This song beautifully articulates the idea that God is sovereign, overseeing the affairs of humanity.

Drawing inspiration from Isaiah 66:1, which declares that heaven is God’s throne and the earth is His footstool, the lyrics exalt the omnipotence of God and His majestic reign. It is truly a captivating and enriching musical experience.

  1. Imela

With an impressive 57 million YouTube streams, “Imela” has earned its place as one of the most beloved Nigerian gospel songs. The title, an Igbo word meaning “thank you,” features the collaboration of Nathaniel Bassey and Enitan Adaba, a contemporary gospel artist.

“Imela” is a soul-stirring composition that sparks a profound sense of gratitude in its listeners. It highlights the appreciation for God’s unmerited goodness in our lives, as the singers express their gratitude for the grace and mercies that bring about abundant blessings. The vulnerability in the singers’ voices makes it easy for the audience to connect with the heartfelt lyrics.

  1. Olowogbogboro

Co-written by Rotimikeys and Wale Adenuga, “Olowogbogboro” stands as one of Pastor Nathaniel Bassey’s finest tracks. Despite its 2017 release, the song’s impact still resonates strongly today.

The lyrics acknowledge God as “Olowogbogboro,” meaning “the one with mighty hands.” This powerful affirmation underscores the belief that nothing is impossible for God, and His touch transforms situations for the better. The song renews our confidence in the Almighty.

  1. Onise Iyanu

“Onise Iyanu,” featuring Micah Stampley, emerges as perhaps Pastor Nathaniel Bassey’s greatest song of all time. As part of the “This God is Too Good” album, it became an instant hit upon release and has maintained its timeless appeal.

This captivating song recounts various encounters that consistently demonstrate God’s faithfulness to His people. The lyrics, rooted in the singer’s personal experiences, convey the overwhelming awe and praise that arise when contemplating the marvelous wonders of God.

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