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Victoria Orenze Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Kids, Songs, Net Worth


Victoria Orenze is a gospel singer, composer, recording artist, and stage performer who believes that genuine worship should bring people to Jesus Christ. She made her debut by aiding Nathaniel Bassey on the song “Alagbada,” after which she produced the fantastic praise song “On Fire.”

Victoria Orenze has led worship in a variety of stages, and her concert “Return” was staged in December 2016. Victoria is a very private person, therefore obtaining a lot of personal information on the gospel singer on the Internet might be difficult. We will try and give you the little we have about here here.

Victoria Orenze

Profile Summary

Full name Victoria Orenze
Gender Female
Date of birth 23 March, 1993
Age 30 years (as of 2023)
Place of birth Benin City, Nigeria
Current residence Edo State, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Zodiac sign Aries
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Black
Relationship status Divorced
Profession Musician
Net Worth$250,000
Instagram @victoriaorenze

How old is Victoria Orenze?

Victoria Orenze was born on 23 March, 1993. As of 2023, the Nigerian gospel artist is 30 years old.

When is Victoria Orenze’s birthday?

Victoria celebrates her birthday on 23 March. Her zodiac sign is Aries.


Victoria Orenze

Victoria Orenze is an outstanding singer. Her voice communicates the gospel and the salvation of the soul via God’s worship to the public. She believes that every Christian should really believe in God, entrust themselves to Him, and walk the road of purity.

She emphasizes that it is vital to thoroughly grasp and accept one’s connection with Jesus Christ in addition to performing the acts given in the Bible. She frequently works with other gospel singers, like Nathaniel Bassey in their collaborative project Alagbada Ina. She has taken part in a number of worship concerts, programs, and other events.

She has a wonderful voice. Her voice reveals the gospel and the redemption of the soul to the public through God’s worship. She believes that every Christian should have a genuine faith in the Almighty God, trust in Him, and pursue the path of purity. It is not simply a matter of following the instructions stated in the Bible. It is equally critical to understand and accept one’s relationship with Jesus Christ.

Victoria Orenze’s music is mostly concerned with spiritual enlightenment. Nathaniel Bassey, Sinach, Praize, Frank Edwards, and Sammy Okposo are some of the other gospel singers with whom she usually collaborates.

Nathaniel Bassey, one of her most regular collaborators, teamed with her in the popular gospel song “Alagbada,” a tune that catapulted her to fame and public awareness.

Victoria Orenze’s success came as a result of her collaboration with Nathaniel Bassey on the hit song “Alagbada,” which she enhanced with her stunning vocals. She also had a solo single called “On Fire” released. She has participated in a number of concerts, programs, and other worship-related activities both at home and abroad.

The audience witnessed her remarkable performance in “Return,” a religious concert that affected and informed the audience, in December 2016. This ceremony and performance took place at the University of Lagos’ main auditorium in Ojo, Lagos State, in Nigeria’s southwestern region. Victoria Orenze directed the event and wowed the audience with her beautiful voice.

Victoria Orenze Husband: Victoria Orenze speaks about Her Previous Marriage

Victoria Orenze

Victoria Orenze has in a recent video session spoken about her failed marriage. She feels its the right time to make it public. In the YouTube video, she spoke about her experiences and some of the lessons to be learnt from that part of her life. She wasn’t shy about telling her fans about the ugly story of her marriage.

“My not good experience in marriage has not changed God’s beautiful idea of marriage. If and when God gives me an opportunity again, I will do it again. I pray we humble ourselves and seek the ways of the Lord in every matter. As a very private person, talking about this is something I would not have done. Because I believe the bulk of our lives is not and should not be lived on social media. But as I have been directed by the Holy Spirit to share this – I know from experience of my walk with Him that there is a purpose and this will help a lot of people. And when it comes to the Holy Spirit my reservations always give way.”

Does Victoria Orenze have any children?

As of the time of writing this article, it has not been actually confirm if Victoria Orenze has children or not online. For now, she has been silent about the aftermath of her marriage.

However, in a post she made on Twitter, She hinted that she is the mother of three children, Enesi, Oyiza and Omeiza. She post below.



See post

Award And Nomination:

  • Media Awards AGMMA 2018 in the Song of Excellence category for her song “On Fire”
  • Nominated in the song of the year category in the CLIMA Awards 2018 for her song, On Fire
  • Alagbada Ina, the song she featured in, was nominated in African Gospel Music.

She has also been nominated for the following awards in 2023:

  • Headies Awards 2023 – Best Inspirational Single for her song “I Get Backing”


  • Truth in Sounds (2022)
  • Return Rev. 2:4 (2020)
  • Spirit Chant (2020)
  • See How Far: Gratitude (Reflections) (2022)
  • God Can Live Ministration (2021)

She has also released the following singles:

  • What Medication?
  • Far Beyond (See the Future Now) EP
  • Olowo Orimi (The One Who Paid For Me)
  • See How Far: Gratitude (Reflections) EP
  • Hallelujah Our God Reigns!
  • The Church Prevails
  • Find Me Worthy (I’m Available)
  • Na so so Wonder
  • Mercy Cry (Live Ministration)


  • Instagram: @victoriaorenze
  • Facebook: @victoriaorenzeofficial
  • Twitter: @victoriaorenze
  • YouTube: Victoria Orenze
  • Website: https://victoriaorenze.com/
  • TikTok: VictoriOrenzeOfficial


Spirit Chant by Victoria Orenze

Spirit Chant is a soft praise and worship song that speaks about praise to God in every way. If you enjoy fantastic gospel/Christian music, whether Afro-Gospel or modern music, Spirit Chant is a lovely song that uplifts your spirit.

Victoria Orenze’s Covenant Keeping God

Covenant Keeping God is another thankful song about God’s glory. The singer emphasizes God being the anchor and that he keeps his promise always.

Year Song
2016 I Want to See You
2016 Invade Me
2016 On Fire
2016 Brooding
2016 Holy
2016 Draw
2016 Covenant Keeping God
2020 Na so So Wonder
2020 Spirit Chant
2021 Mercy Cry
2021 Uwese
2021 Prayer Call
2021 Spiritual Surgery
2021 Have Mercy
2022 The Fountain
2022 See How Far
2022 The Weapon
2022 Walk by Faith
2022 This Year
2022 We Receive
2022 My Fortress
2022 Yahweh
2022 Gratitude
2022 See How Far: Gratitude
2022 I Get Backing
2022 Hallelujah Our God Reigns!
2022 Ascend
2022 Supernatural
2023 Far Beyond

What is Victoria Orenze’s net worth?

Victoria Orenze’s net worth is estimated to be $250,000. She has earned her income from her career as a singer. Victoria Orenze has sold a number of singles and albums both domestically and internationally. Based on her success in gospel music, Victoria Orenze is now one of Nigeria’s richest and most influential female gospel artists

Social media

Pastor Victoria Orenze is active on Social media. You can follow her via her official social media handles on Facebook, InstagramTikTok, X and Youtube. 

Victoria Orenze Website

victoriaorenze.com is her website where she post details about her music, life and bookings. Here is the inspiring post she posted on her website page:

Life is all about the Lordship of Jesus and His supremacy over all things. I am mostly overwhelmed by His redemptive sacrifice for the soul of mankind. I have experienced Him in the deepest of valleys, in the deepest of waters. Through the most fiery furnace I have been refined by His grace. I have also seen Him on the highest mountain and He remains the same. He is everything to me.

My life is committed to pleasing Him. I cannot disappoint Him. I must take everyday as though it is the last and give my all.

FAQs About Pastor Victoria Orenze

1. Victoria Orenze New Husband: Is Victoria Orenze re-married?

After her failed marriage, she has remained unmarried. Victoria Orenze has in a recent video session spoken about her failed marriage. She feels its the right time to make it public. In the YouTube video, she spoke about her experiences and some of the lessons to be learnt from that part of her life. She wasn’t shy about telling her fans about the ugly story of her marriage.

2. Is Victoria Orenze a Nigerian?

Victoria Orenze is a Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter. She gained prominence in the Nigerian gospel music scene through powerful and anointed worship songs. Some of her popular songs include See How Far: Gratitude, Covenant Keeping God, Spirit Chant and Spiritual Surgery.


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