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Victoria Orenze Children: Does Victoria Orenze have any children?


 Minister Victoria Orenze is an anointed gospel music minister and artiste with a special touch from God to liberate souls through the instrument of sounds and deep worship. She was married 14years ago, however, the marriage did not last long, they divorced. What actually happend? Does she has any children? This and more are the questions being asked by fans on social media. We’ll talk about her marriage if she has children in this article.

About Victoria Orenze Marriage

Victoria Orenze Children

Minister Victoria Orenze married a long time ago (about 14 years at the time of writing). She tried but failed to make it work, according to her. “Regardless of my marriage experience and how it went, I’ll encourage you to listen to what the spirit has to say, because I am a bible believing Christian who believes in the word of the Lord,” she says.

I was ready to make it work regardless of the circumstances. I was willing to stay because I had not entered the scenario wanting to leave. I desired it and was aware of what I was getting myself into when I married.

However, it requires two in order to function. Two people cannot walk together unless they agree, according to the Bible. So I completed all of my tasks even after the other party had left. I prayed and hoped it would work, but it didn’t. And so, I’d tell people, because you see couples breaking up even in church these days, and marriages breaking up outside the church…”


He left..what should I do? I tried to hold him, as holding can be hold. I did not even let him take my ring from me. When he wanted to take my ring, he was beating me… WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE

Does Victoria Orenze have any children?

As of the time of writing this article, it has not been actually confirm if Victoria Orenze has children or not online. For now, she has been silent about the aftermath of her marriage.

However, in a post she made on Twitter, She hinted that she is the mother of three children, Enesi, Oyiza and Omeiza. She post below.

Myself and my surrogate, My Eni, the mother of my children Enesi, Oyiza and Omeiza at a marriage ceremony today!

It is raining Godly Marriages! Even Mondays are not exempted! May God bless all believing for a Godly Union in Jesus Name!

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Has Victoria Orenze Re-married?

Well, at the time of writing, Victoria is not married and has not disclosed any groom yet. We will keep you updated as soon as we get reliable information.

Prince Worship writes: It was a glorious moment with Pastor Victoria Orenze. Thank you woman of God for coming through.


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