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What does Joel Osteen’s daughter do? – Everything to know

What does Joel Osteen's daughter do

American gospel singer Alexandra Osteen has made a name for herself. She rose to fame after joining the band LYA at Lakewood Church. Alexandra has continued her parents’ example of serving God by playing a significant role in their work at Lakewood Ministry. There are several facets to Joel Osteen’s daughter in addition to what the gospel singer is well known for. So, here is a summary of everything you should know about Alexandra Osteen. 

What does Joel Osteen’s daughter do?

She now serves as the Worship Director at Lakewood Church and leads Lakewood Music. Alexandra developed a passion for singing at an early age. She began to be featured at her father’s Night of Hope events at just five years old. As her voice grew, so did her heart for worship.

What does Joel Osteen's daughter do

In a recent interview, Alexandra said that once she learned how important her friends were to her, she stopped being a loner and started making more of them. “I ended up finding a really great group of friends that I love so much, and I just learned how important it was to have someone who can like encourage you, who can be there for you, and ultimately who you can relate to,” she added.

In May 2020, she graduated from the University of Texas. In a touching Instagram post, her father, Joe, thanked her and congratulated his 22-year-old daughter on her accomplishment.

In addition to her schooling, faith, and family, she also appears to be a passionate traveler.

Alexandra has a significant following on Instagram and Twitter, and she uses her social media accounts to (other than showcase moments with family) post pictures of travel vacations with friends.

Career and Professional life

What does Joel Osteen's daughter do

Alexandra Osteen has been a committed member in her father Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church since she was a young child. She started taking on jobs in the services as she grew older. She joined the Lakewood Church gospel band, LYA, and sang weekly for the crowd.

Not just Alexandra but other members of the family perform in the church orchestra. Her brother is LYA’s lead singer. The Lakewood Televised Series helped Alexandra and her band become well-known, and in 2016 they released their first official song, called “Feelin.”

Since then, they have released a large number of songs, featuring fan favorites like “What a Beautiful Name,” “Rush,” and “To My Knees.”


Recently, there have been no rumors of a relationship between Alexandra and anyone. The gospel singer’s past is as snowy as one might think. According to reports, Joel’s daughter is still unmarried and has never been in a relationship.

Her priorities likely include giving back to the community, developing her job, and taking advantage of her youth to spend time with loved ones. When or if she decides to date, we can be confident that it will be a healthy relationship that both her parents and brother will approve of.

Salary and Net Worth

Alexandra Osteen accumulated a net worth of slightly under $100,000 as of 2020. She saved up her money from selling recordings as part of her gospel singing profession.

There is a good chance that the gospel singer is still dependent on her parents (actually very likely) – hence, it is safe to say Alexandra lives a comfortable life. Her father Joel Osteen has a net worth estimated at $100 million, and she resides with her parents in their $10.5 million River Oak home.

Amazing, right? Joel Osteen does not accept a salary from Lakewood Church, according to IndyStar. Instead, his incredible wealth is due to the royalties from his best-selling books and lucrative speaking engagements.

Interesting facts

While Alexandra is centered on her Christian religion, she also has some unique tastes and interesting facts about herself, just like any other adolescent. For starters, all animals hold a special place in Alexandra’s heart. She admitted that she would value the ability to communicate with animals during a conversation with Pastor Nick Nilson.

The two dogs Alexandra owns make her wish she could talk to them all day. Alexandra has skills outside of singing. She also has a few additional sleights of hand. The gospel singer claims she could defeat her brother in a battle and holds a yellow belt in karate.

Alexandra must have watched movies and television shows for enjoyment because she cherished her alone time at home.

According to Married Biography, her all-time favorite movies are The Proposal, and She’s the Man, while her favorite television series include Grey’s Anatomy, The 70’s show, Friends, and Gossip Girl.

Alexandra did not always want to be in church. Although a consistent churchgoer, Alexandra has admitted to experiencing moments where she would not feel like attending a church service. However, Alexandra appreciates the ways of life that her family taught her.

For her, it has shaped her character and has led her to her bigger purpose. We hope to see good things from her in the future!


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