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Why did Uebert Angel change his name?


Prophet Uebert Angel is a widely known preacher and prophet, he is regarded as the Godfather of the modern-day Prophetic movement, Prophet Uebert Angel heads an ever-increasing audience known as the GoodNews Church (Spirit Embassy) with branches worldwide.

The ministry of Uebert Angel has impacted the lives of millions through his satellite-broadcasting channels, Miracle TV, GoodNews TV and Wow TV, which broadcast his remarkable healing, prophetic and revelatory teaching ministry 24 hours, 7 days a week around the globe, books, magazines, charity programmes, conferences and crusades.

You can not remain uninspired after listening to Uebert Angel. You must have a boost in your Spirit for greatness. But the question that has remained in the heart of people is why did Uebert Angel change his name? Well, find out below

Why did Uebert Angel change his name?

Why did Uebert Angel change his name

After years of preaching the gospel with proofs of healings, prophecies and miracles, Uebert Angel had an encounter with the Lord that changed his entire life; not only the message he preached but himself also. “I never called you to preach the works, but to preach what I used to preach in my earthly ministry, the gospel (Euagellion), news nearly too good to be true).”READ MORE: Meet All Prophet Uebert Angel Biological Children Here

This is the very statement that God made to Uebert Angel that totally transformed the way Uebert & BeBe Angel preached and taught the Good News of God’s Grace. This further propelled them to began The Good News Movement.

Uebert Angel, when preaching in one of his services, recounted how having several strange encounters with the Angels of God, resulted in a change of his name. According to him; seeing Angels became a normal experience for him even before he really got to know Christ. It began from his childhood.

What is Uebert Angel real name?

The birth name given to him by his parents is Uebert Mudzanire. After his change of name, he is now widely by the stage name Uebert Angel. He was born on September 6, 1978, in Zimbabwe.

Uebert Angel has legally changed his name from Uebert Mudzanire to Uebert Angel.


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