Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children, Church,

Born on 18th December, 1989, Pastor Emmanuel Iren is the Founder and senior Pastor of Celebration Church International, Headquartered in Abuja. He is recognized for partnership with people for their progress and joy in the Christian faith.

Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children, Church,

He leads a ministry that is totally sold out to raising saints who are grounded and rooted in the knowledge of God’s word and well-equipped to take on the work of ministry.

Profile Summary

NamePastor Emmanuel Iren
Nickname PIE
Date of birth 18th December, 1989
Age33years in 2022
state of origin Akwa Ibom State
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Pastor, song writer and singer, Business guru
wifeLaju iren
Children Ruby-Grace and Nadia
Church Celebration Church International aka Life Triumphal Church
Location Abuja
Spiritual father Chris Oyakhilome
Msusic groupOutburst Music Group
Net Worth $1 million – $10 million
school Fellowship Triumphal Youth Fellowship

Which state is Pastor Emmanuel Iren from?
Pastor Iren hails from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria and has a knack for simplicity in his teachings and you will usually find every sermon relatable.


Pastor Emmanuel attended Saint Bernadettes Nursery and Primary School in Ipaja, Lagos. From there he moved on to Queen’s Choice Nursery and Primary School College in Ikotun, Lagos. He completed his Secondary education In Queen’s choice Nursery and Primary School College.

Afterwards, he went to Doregos Private Academy for his secondary education.

PIE as he is usually called, is a graduate of Building Technology from Covenant University. He obtained a “Master of Business Administration” degree at the University of Lagos. His educational background and knack of business generally have found expression in a couple of private business endeavors of his.

Early days in Ministry

He started out as a church drummer boy to the level of representing his church zone at Sunday School Bible quizzes and at the age of thirteen (13), he preached his first ever sermon on a Sunday morning at Teens Week for his then RCCG branch.

Pastor Emmanuel Iren served as a Pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God for a 9 years period, an experience he described as having an indelible impact on his life.

Being a spiritual son to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor Iren received his calling for ministry while he was an undergraduate at Covenant University In 2008, he began ministering to people. This burning hunger led him to start a school fellowship known as Triumphal Youth Fellowship while on Campus and the fellowship grew to later become a ministry of its own (Life Triumphal Church).

He inaugurated the first campus of the church at the age of 22 years. The inauguration was on the 1th of November, 2012 at the Emsquare, Ijegun. Later in 2014, the church was named the Celebration Church International.


Celebration Church International

Celebration Church has vibrant branches in Lagos, Abuja and counting. Besides Celebration Church, He also oversees two other ministerial expressions namely, Manifest Bible Course- an interdenominational bible training school and Triumph30 devotional – a daily devotion platform setup to help people develop a culture of devotional prayer and bible study.

Pastor Emmanuel Music Ministry

Emmanuel Iren is also a songwriter with over 12 songs to his credit, including Light Up the Way featuring Eben. He is the founder and principal songwriter for Outburst Music Group – a Christian record label committed to creating Christ-centred music. The debut album titled Kerygma was launched December 2017.

Pastor Emmanuel Iren also featured in Odunayo Adebayo’s hit song titled Zoe. Watch ZOE Official video below

Pastor Emmanuel was recognised by Insidegistblog as one of the 100 young individuals that have made a great impact in the body of Christ in 2022.

Is Pastor Emmanuel Iren is married?

Yes he is! He got married to his long-time school friend, Laju, in November 2014. They met in school, became friends, and fell in love. They are currently blessed with two lovely daughters: Ruby-Grace and Nadia.

Watch this exclusive video about how pastor Emmanuel and Pastor Laju met.

Social media

Pastor Emmanuel Iren is very active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube channels.

Net Worth

Pator Emmanuel Iren’s net worth as of 2021 was estimated at around $1 million – $10 million.

In an interview, Iren shared his musical and spiritual odyssey, reasons he married at 24 as well as his message to the youths.

Question: You founded Outburst Music Group and wrote songs for gospel musicians. How would you describe your relationship with these artistes?

Pastor Iren: “I founded Outburst Music Group and all the songs I wrote have been performed by Outburst. We featured Eben as a guest artiste on our newest project. I love music and, inevitably, musicians. I follow closely the work of not just singers but a couple of instrumentalists as well. I used to be a drummer.

“So, I’m still very fascinated with good music. I have a good relationship with a good number of musicians.”

Question: Do you go a step further by inviting these gospel musicians to perform in your church?

Pastor Iren: “Definitely, I’ve had the honour of hosting gospel musicians like Eben, Dunsin, Jadhiel, and Judikay, etc. There is a faith-based, non-religious platform I host with my wife called, Young And Free. We had Johnny Drille grace that event. The list goes on.”

Question: Who is your favourite musician?

Pastor Iren: “Favorite musician? Outburst Music Group, of course. Excuse the bias. Being president and songwriter for the group allows me pour out my soul in melody, in a way that touches me more than any other material. Nonetheless, the guys I mentioned earlier are on my list as well.”

Question: What kind of music do you listen to?

Pastor Iren: “I mostly listen to gospel music. But any decent secular song I can vibe to whilst working out or when I need to be inspired works for me too.”

Question: People know you as a pastor, what are the things that people don’t know about you, and if you were not a pastor, what would you be doing?

Pastor Iren: “That’s a simple question, because I love what I’ve been called to do. But in some other ways, that’s a tough question because there are a couple of other things that I have a fervent passion for. Academically, I have a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Lagos.

“I’ve always had a knack for business being done properly, and organisations running smoothly, so perhaps I might have explored a career in that. I studied Building Technology for my first degree, and I’m quite passionate about interior decoration. Also, I’m a songwriter.

“By God’s grace, I’ve written about twelve songs performed by Outburst Music Group, including Light Up The Way featuring Eben. In fact, before I became a pastor, I started out as a drummer. I’ve always been musically inclined. But I think in a way all my different experiences and gifts find expression in ministry.”

Question: Celebration Church has grown exponentially since it was founded eight years ago. What’s the secret to what many would term the success of the church?

Pastor Iren: “The secret is simply the grace that accompanies the call. The Bible says that if anyone prophesies, let him prophesy according to the measure of the grace of God.

“Every spiritual activity should be carried out by grace and not just by effort or mere physical or even mental exertion. The truth is some other people who are called to just pastor one branch, and as long as they do that wholeheartedly and do it according to what the Lord has asked them to do, they are a success in that call.

“So, I don’t really consider us a success, because we are doing what is great in the sight of men, but because we’re doing what God has asked us to do.”

Question: You’re 30 years old but you recently celebrated your 6th wedding anniversary, and you have two daughters. What would you say is the secret to a successful marriage?

Pastor Iren: “Does getting married early have anything to do with it?

“I really think that for two people to work together, they must realise that one of the greatest causes of conflict is when people are set in their ways, regarding how things must be done. So, there must be an agreement if two people work together, just like the Bible says.

“As great as your parents’ marriage is or was, whatever be the case, your marriage will be slightly different. And even though, the values are fundamentally the same, practically every marriage is different.

“So, the people involved must learn to be flexible, must learn to be understanding; must learn to be forgiving, and just come together and find what works for the good of the home.

“So, I think that once that is achieved, and conflict resolution is something that has been mastered, a huge chunk of whatever might be the trouble will be out of the way. Of course, I can’t really give all the keys to a successful home in a few paragraphs, but I think that’s a major one I can share.

“When it comes to marriage, everyone’s timetable is different. I feel like some people may not be ready to get married at the age of 30. Some may not be ready to get married at the age of 35. Some may be ready to get married at the age of 23. Some may be ready to get married at the age of 20.

“It’s not really about the age; it’s about the maturity, the exposure.

“Do you know what it entails and are you ready to play your part?

“Marriage is an institution between two consenting and responsible adults. There should be some level of financial independence. There should be a social-cultural independence also, you should be able to stand on your own in a community and be ready to carve a niche for yourself and more.

“You should have the mental, emotional and financial maturity to raise a family.

“At the time I got married, I was through with school and already had a job. I had a (girl) friend that I was convinced I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.”

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